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Grandma and Redding Grandkids I remember what your Grandma did! When you have been around doing portraits for four decades you get to say that now and then to the grand children we photograph years later. All those weddings and high school seniors back in the beginning grew a massive business that continues today.   […]

Kids and critters Photographing kids and critters is always a challenge and often a heart warming story of best buddies growing up together. Now days it seems even more folks than ever have a dog or two or three. We see them all from the tiny lap dogs to the giant slobbering Mammoth Mastiff beasts. […]

Fairytales and Photos Have you ever wondered why Jack and Jill went UP the hill to get a pail of water?   Not the brightest light bulbs in the pack I would surmise. Knowing water flows down makes it pretty obvious they were working way too hard for the results they were looking to get […]

Sibling Portraits Make The Family Session Siblings are one of the closest bonds we find during our family sessions. While the kids may fight like cats and dogs in the childhood and teen years, often times once they reach their 20’s they realize the treasure they have in family. My brother Jerry and I are […]

Redding Valentine’s Family Portraits What is the greatest gift you can give to family for Valentine’s Day? A family portrait of course.   Show and share the unity of your clan with a new family photo for the living room wall in your home. Show your kids how you value them with a great group […]

2017 Studio Photoshoot Calendar Begins How cool is that? We get another 364 days in 2017 to make a difference. New learning. New adventures. New friends. New projects. 2017 Studio Photoshoot Calendar Begins with Kids The studio is kicking it into gear now with the annual Adorable Kids Contest. Boys and girls, ages newborn through […]

Family reunion photo shoots during the Holidays Dancing in New York City. Ad Agency in Bend Or. Medical school in Pittsburg. Stationed in Germany. Press Secretary in Sacramento. Working on PHD in Boston. Getting married in Feb. Coding software in The Valley.   My favorite thing about doing family portraits during the Holidays? Catching up […]

How to Make the Perfect Christmas Kids and Christmas. The most exciting time of the year. The seasonal sounds and music. Traditional foods cooking in the kitchen and all…that…chocolate… The family coming together for a sit down dinner to catch up on the year’s activity. New schools, new jobs, new mates, new family members. Do […]

Great Pictures for Grandma It’s time to get Great Pictures for Grandma as gifts for Christmas which is less than two months away! This little guy has my personal vote for being a wonderful Santa’s elf. An absolute darling full of laughter and playfulness. We enjoy each client, youngster or senior citizen, as they come in […]

Favorite Kids Pictures With high school senior season coming to a close we are finding time for children’s portraits before we get jammed with fall family photoshoots. We have seen a slew of darling little guys these last few weeks. Big smiles, bright eyes and mops of hair the girls will adore! Of course we […]