Senior portraits you will love What do you want to do for senior 2017 portraits? Will you be happy with the traditional cap and gown, tuxedo or drape photos like your parents and grandparents had done? Is that same tired old photo of leaning on a tree going to make you a happy camper […]

One of the great underused resources for getting wonderful photos is Annie’s Styles and Stitches in the Palo Cedro Shopping Center. For Proms, Senior Portraits, Anniversary or just nice formal photos you can have hundreds of dresses to choose from for a photoshoot. Plus, she also does alterations for all clothing and specializes in Wedding […]

Again thank you for choosing TA Schmidt Photography as Best of the North state!  Each year we add new products, props, backgrounds and styles to keep current with your needs and changing tastes.  With the only complete indoor and outdoor studio in the North state we love having our three distinct camera rooms and the […]  Football season makes it tough to find senior photo times for players and cheerleaders. That is why we are open on Saturdays to shoot after the Friday Night Lights games.  Of course it is best do book your session after a local home game. Away games can be tough getting home late and then […]

Buddy shots for senior portrait sessions often have a great story. It could be lifelong friends that have traveled through the elementary school grades and survived middle and the first 3 years of high school. We also see team mates, the offensive line that stands together each Friday night  protecting the QB and blowing up […]