Step Two


Photo-sessions should be a fun and relaxing experience. Nothing ruins that more than feeling rushed and out of control.  For that reason I don't put time limits on my sessions, we'll take as little or as much time as needed to get the images we're after. As mentioned before, you don't take a good photograph, you make it... Taking the time to make sure the lighting, posing and details are right before each shot helps avoid the "spray & pray" approach and replaces hoping for a good picture with making one. 

Each photo-shoot is tailored to your needs either through sets, props, wardrobe, location or a combination of these. Whether indoor or outdoor you can depend on my showing up early and having everything ready for a smooth session. Whether is's building sets for the little ones or scouting the light on location, I will take the time up front to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Using professional lighting and posing techniques, as well as different reflectors, strobes and modifiers,  we'll create a series of portraits that that are both timeless and unique to you. We'll create beautiful works of art that you will display proudly for years to come.