J-Rob Studios is excited to be part of this year's event! ​

I understand the amount of time, dedication and effort you have put in to competing in this contest. All the hours you've spent in the gym, every meal you've eaten, and each time you've worked yourself to exhaustion all leads up to this one day. The day of the contest is timed out perfectly so you are at your absolute peak, and getting pictures of you at your best is what I am here for.

Onstage pictures are great for remembering the event and documenting your part in it. However, due to the harsh stage lighting and the fact that you are a "moving target" these images will be limited on their quality.

That is why I will be offering something new this year. PEAK SESSIONS will be offered in the pump room all day. These sessions can be done at any time during the day, and will have much better results. My goal is to give you magazine quality pictures while you are at your peak. The best images would generally be done in studio but I can't very well get you in the studio on the day of the show! So, I'll be doing the next best thing and bringing the studio to you!

During Peak Sessions we will capture the different poses you will be doing on stage and use props if you choose. Digital copies of the images will be available after the show to those that have purchased the packages. Packages can be bought individually or as a combo with a $50 discount before the show. There will be no discount available the day of the show.

If you have questions or special requests, please don't hesitate to call Jeremy @ 530-945-3693


​ Combo Package (Onstage + Peak Session): 250

​ Peak Session: 200

​ Onstage- Prejudging & Night Show: 100

The images below are examples of what you can expect from the backstage Peak Sessions. Some lighting sets may compliment your body type or personal tastes better than others. That's why I ave developed a lighting set that will give you six different looks that can be switched in seconds, without you having to take a single step. We will go through all six so you're sure to get the look you want!   

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