J-Rob Studios Photography is happy to be the official Photographer for the NorCal Fitness Classic.

I understand the tremendous amount of time, effort and dedication that goes into your bodybuilding and fitness. One of the best ways to preserve and immortalize your physique is with pictures. Having quality photos taken is a great way to capture the hard work and sacrifice bodybuilding requires, either as a way to chart progress, launch a career in modeling, or simply reflect on a key moment in one’s life.

I offer two types of pictures the day of the show, On-Stage and Peak Sessions.

On-stage pictures are great for remembering the event and documenting your part in it. However, due to the harsh stage lighting and the fact that you are a "moving target" these images will be limited on their quality.

Peak Sessions will be offered in the pump room all day. These sessions can be done at any time during the day, and will have much better results. My goal is to give you magazine quality pictures while you are at your peak. These are similar to pictures you would get in my studio, but for the day of the show I bring the studio to you! With professional lighting I can enhance your physique and capture you at your best.

Digital copies of the images will be available after the show to those that have purchased the packages. Packages can be bought individually or as a combo with a $50 discount before the show. There will be no discount available the day of the show.


 Combo Package (Onstage + Peak Session): 250   Best Value!

 Peak Session: 200 (15 images)

 Onstage Only- Prejudging & Night Show: 100 (8-10 images) 

The images below are examples of what you can expect from the backstage Peak Sessions. Some lighting sets may compliment your body type or personal tastes better than others. That's why I ave developed a lighting set that will give you six different looks that can be switched in seconds, without you having to take a single step. We will go through all six so you're sure to get the look you want! 


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