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If you own a local business you know the feeling of being restricted and constrained by the local economy. When times are booming things are good but more often things are a struggle and you need some advantage to keep the sales coming through the door. We all need some way to get on-line easy […]

The Real Business World There are basically three kinds of people in the world that I see. Those that are worker bees doing their time for a salary and a few days of paid vacation.   Those that want their own business some day to “be their own boss”.   Those running a real business, […]

Get your best headshot A main staple of any model or actors portfolio is a strong headshot. Just like your profile photo, business card portrait or resume image it will most often be the first impression people get from you.   It is how you are remembered and perceived. It will set the tone for […]

The band played on My kind of crazy. One of the main reasons I enjoy photography is the fact you never really know who or what will walk through the door as you next photoshoot. There is a general idea. It could be a newborn baby. It could be a high school senior. Maybe a […]

Headshots for business and family   We are two months into the new year already so it might be time to access the systems and goals we created just weeks ago.   How are things going so far? Is that book you want to write still in your head or has ink hit paper yet? […]

Redding Open For Business Photos Redding is Open For Business. The heart and soul of Redding… even America when you take in it’s vastness, is the Mom and Pop shops that serve the local customers. A family business contributes to employment, taxes, local color and innovation plus time and money to local charities and special […]

Soon to be famous? We do a lot of headshots. Business folks for their profiles, business cards, websites and blogs. Authors for their book jackets and sales pages. Wanna be models for their Zed cards and look-sees. Some famous, some soon to be famous, some quite content just to carry on. You decide to make […]

Your Headshot…Your Brand Headshots are still the staple of portrait photography. Use them for on-line profiles, pageants, job applications, branding, senior portraits and gifts. They can be for children or adults seeking to improve their lot in life.  Photogenic contests or applications for residency to a hospital. Dating sites or making the move to that […]

Beer pong photos don’t make it… Each year at the beginning of summer across the nation thousands of college seniors grab their diploma and make their way into the real work of business. The long journey and reminders of the student loans make this time full of anxiety while looking for and getting comfortable with […]

Where’s Your Gold Star or Medal?   So far it has been a magical 2016 Rio Olympics for a few super stars like swimmer Michael Phelps and the entire women’s gymnastic team. Record setting performances, personal triumphs of skill and artistry and finally years of work rewarded on the podium with some new gold jewelry […]