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Flower Fairy Days for 2017 are here! Flower Fairy Days are back March 17 & 18th at TA Schmidt Photography! The annual event for little girls ages 3-10 is sure to sell out again for the two day run. Still only $59 per child for the photoshoot and a 5×7 print from your favorite pose. […]

  We all enjoy those once a decade talents and looks that appear from time to time. Unique record setting athletes, musicians with the tunes to move your spirit, authors who can weave a spellbinding story keeping you turning the pages deep into the night.   One of our Friday’s sessions was a couple local […]

Seedling of Success   “A wise woman once said to me that there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give to our children. One of these she said is roots, the other, is wings.”   W. Hodding Carter   A great portrait gives a child both roots and wings.  Images of family […]

Headshots for business and family   We are two months into the new year already so it might be time to access the systems and goals we created just weeks ago.   How are things going so far? Is that book you want to write still in your head or has ink hit paper yet? […]

Fairytales and Photos Have you ever wondered why Jack and Jill went UP the hill to get a pail of water?   Not the brightest light bulbs in the pack I would surmise. Knowing water flows down makes it pretty obvious they were working way too hard for the results they were looking to get […]

Best of Kids Photography Grandma’s little goblins are in need of new photos to keep up with all the growing they have been doing! With the 2017 Adorable Kids Contest starting now your timing is perfect. Your child or grandkiddos ages newborn through 12 years old, boys and girls,  can be part of the photo […]

Redding Children Photos Central Right after next week’s Valentine glamour/boudoir rush we restart the annual Adorable Kids Contest for 2017. It is one of my fav programs for the year working with kids… newborns-12 years old at the time of the photoshoot. Many families find it is great for boys and girls where we shoot […]

Finally, the first contest of 2017!   But first a quick story….   It’s true, I once dated a famous sitcom TV star.   Well, maybe “dated” is an over reaching term but I did have a 30 minute sit down lunch date with Maureen McCormick, Marcia Brady of the Brandy Bunch fame!   Back […]

Fashion Boudoir Portraits I have always been fascinated by the fashion photography from the 50’s and 60’s. The mini skirts and bikinis were the start of a huge cultural shift that we still feel today. Those classic super star models from the era did not have the social media options to further their brand but […]

Sibling Portraits Make The Family Session Siblings are one of the closest bonds we find during our family sessions. While the kids may fight like cats and dogs in the childhood and teen years, often times once they reach their 20’s they realize the treasure they have in family. My brother Jerry and I are […]