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The band played on My kind of crazy. One of the main reasons I enjoy photography is the fact you never really know who or what will walk through the door as you next photoshoot. There is a general idea. It could be a newborn baby. It could be a high school senior. Maybe a […]

Kids and critters Photographing kids and critters is always a challenge and often a heart warming story of best buddies growing up together. Now days it seems even more folks than ever have a dog or two or three. We see them all from the tiny lap dogs to the giant slobbering Mammoth Mastiff beasts. […]

Sweet Kool April Night Rides There are two sure indicators that it is Spring in Redding. First is the nasty North wind that brings with it the allergy season and half the town with the sniffles. We know we have nearly a month of this wind whipping through town and blowing up the hay fever […]

Kool April Nights  Style Are you going to be checking out the fine wheels and folks at Kool April Nights? Would you like to learn how to do that traditional Pin Up model makeup and hairstyling for the Cruise or dances? You can now get fun group or private Pin Up Glamour Girl styling lessons […]

Spring Kids Special Sessions   Spring Kids Special Sessions are happening right now! As usual it has been a busy Spring with all the Redding area Kiddos. Adorable Kids Contest, Flower Fairy Days, next weeks Real Live Bunnies plus last minute high school seniors and boudoir/glamour photoshoots have keep the studio humming. There is still […]

Going to the dogs Has your family gone to the dogs? Really, how many pups reside at your house? If you have kids too you know the best baby sitter and buddy for a child is a canine critter. The friend that is always happy to see you and will never break your heart. You […]

The cutest kids photos Your little guy or gal is growing up fast. Every day, week, month you see new traits and skills. Each sweet milestone of walking, talking and learning to get into new areas of trouble are moments that pass too quickly. If you neglect this fleeting time without getting good photos it […]

Greater Redding Graduation Portraits Who do you know that is graduating in the next few months?   Nursing school. College. High school. Eighth grade. Even preschool! The most memorable portraits are those made during milestone events. Birthdays. Weddings. Graduations. Photos can be made creating a personal highlight reel of your life’s activities and journey. For […]

BOGO BRIDAL BOUDOIR and more… We got a bunch of questions about our Spring Glamour/Boudoir special so rather than having to answer them one by one here is a FAQ of the main things we keep hearing from you all… Q. Does the studio supply clothing for the boudoir sessions? A. No, you must bring […]

•••Spring Glamour Boudoir Special••• There are so many reasons to do the glamour/boudoir photos this time of year. Bridal Boudoir makes the perfect gift for him featuring you at your very best forever! Mothers Day is an ideal time to look and feel like the beauty you have always been to your other half. Show […]