Today’s world is filled with pictures. There are more snapshots taken everyday than any other time in history, over 1.6 Billion a day. At J-Rob Studios I will work with you to create images that stand apart form the rest. Instead of random snapshots or mediocre digital files, we will work together to create beautiful, timeless portraits that you can display proudly for years to come.

Getting GREAT portraits involves a lot more than meeting at the park and snapping away for an hour or so. My personal success comes from planning with my clients ahead of time, knowledge of lighting, posing and making proper wardrobe choices. You don't take a good photograph, you make it!

     My process starts with a design consultation where we will meet and discuss what you're looking for in your portraiture. Once we have everything pinned down and a plan for creating your amazing portraits, we will schedule your creation session with a unique understanding on both sides of the camera. After the session is completed we will sit down together, review your images and narrow it down to your absolute favorites, the ones that bring tears to your eyes! With my "love em or leave em" guarantee, you'll never have to invest in portraits you don't absolutely love! Finally we'll go over the different print options and discuss what sizes of wall art are appropriate for you home, office, or anywhere you plan on displaying them.

When working with J-Rob Studios you can expect a processional experience from start to finish.


​ Portraits from J-Rob Studios are for people who want the best.

​      Whether it's family portraits, children, pets or high school seniors, your pictures should be a work of art. J-Rob Studios is dedicated to bringing you not only the finest portraits, but an incredible experience where you will look and feel amazing. Creating your art should be done by someone that knows how to make you look your best. By someone who has mastered lighting, posing, and the art of portraits. A photographer that pays attention to the details and produces the highest quality prints that will grace your walls for decades.

     If you are looking for a CD to print at the local drug store, that is simply not us.
If you are looking for "good enough" then we are overkill.

     J-Rob Studios is a real studio. You are not meeting a stranger at the park (yikes!). There are hundreds of photographers that can take you down to the park or downtown and take photos that are the same as everyone else's. These are snapshot pros. At J-Rob Studios we CREATE, a process that starts weeks and sometimes even months before your photo shoot. We look for inspiration from current fashion colors, design trends, and more. With this input and our own creativity we design new sets and backgrounds that will photograph beautifully.

​      Lighting is one of our biggest secrets. Sometimes natural light is beautiful. But reality is, most of the time it needs a little help. You can't tell by looking at picture all the work that goes into making them look great. Outside of the image we see, J-Rob Studios uses reflector panels, diffusion scrims, strobes, LED light panels or whatever it takes to make sure your eyes are illuminated and your skin has great color. Images this great don't happen by accident. We work hard to make sure everyone looks incredible!


Beyond The Lens, The Art Of Creating Beautiful Portraiture