You Aren’t Average. Your Pictures Shouldn’t Be Either.

I understand what it feels like to be overloaded with so many choices of photographers (whose work
looks all the same) and not be able to get images that you love, you feel like they actually took time to
understand who you are and what you wanted.
If you are like me, your friend’s neighbor sister’s daughter has a camera and is offering “professional”
photos to you at a great price. You’ve likely wondered if there was more than your typical run of the mill
options that can give you really unique imagery and that you love and showcase even 20 years from
now. I know that you want to standout and it’s frustrating to not get the unique images you imagine.
I get it.
It should be easy to get professional images that standout and show who you are. For the past several
years, I have tirelessly worked on my craft to get it to the professional level my clients deserve. More
than that, when I opened my studio, I wanted my clients to feel seen and heard and leave with the best
images of them they have ever taken (and not some “ok” image that they will never print taken by their
friend’s neighbor sister’s daughter with a camera). I have helped hundred of clients leave with imagery
that makes them excited, lasts a lifetime and evokes an emotional response every time they walk by it.
I am committed to helping you have portraits you love so you can stop feeling like you’re buying
glorified iphone pictures. The process is simply, call for a consultation, book your session, and choose
your favorite images to take home. Once you book your consultation, you’ll have taken the first step to
creating images that standout.
I believe that you deserve to have an amazing portrait and that it should feel easy to create something
special. I help you each step of the process to identify what you’ll love, so we can bring it to life.
Call today to book your consultation so we can get started.


​ Portraits from J-Rob Studios are for people who want the best.

​      Whether it's family portraits, children, pets or high school seniors, your pictures should be a work of art. J-Rob Studios is dedicated to bringing you not only the finest portraits, but an incredible experience where you will look and feel amazing. Creating your art should be done by someone that knows how to make you look your best. By someone who has mastered lighting, posing, and the art of portraits. A photographer that pays attention to the details and produces the highest quality prints that will grace your walls for decades.

     If you are looking for a CD to print at the local drug store, that is simply not us.
If you are looking for "good enough" then we are overkill.

     J-Rob Studios is a real studio. You are not meeting a stranger at the park (yikes!). There are hundreds of photographers that can take you down to the park or downtown and take photos that are the same as everyone else's. These are snapshot pros. At J-Rob Studios we CREATE, a process that starts weeks and sometimes even months before your photo shoot. We look for inspiration from current fashion colors, design trends, and more. With this input and our own creativity we design new sets and backgrounds that will photograph beautifully.

​      Lighting is one of our biggest secrets. Sometimes natural light is beautiful. But reality is, most of the time it needs a little help. You can't tell by looking at picture all the work that goes into making them look great. Outside of the image we see, J-Rob Studios uses reflector panels, diffusion scrims, strobes, LED light panels or whatever it takes to make sure your eyes are illuminated and your skin has great color. Images this great don't happen by accident. We work hard to make sure everyone looks incredible!


Beyond The Lens, The Art Of Creating Beautiful Portraiture