10 Reasons Not to Let Friends Take Your Senior Pictures

10 Reasons Not to Let Friends Take Your Senior Pictures

10 Reasons Not to Let Friends Take Your Senior Pictures

As more and more consumer cameras become available and cell phones take better and better pictures, many High School Seniors are choosing to have their friends take their senior pictures rather than a professional. With that nationwide company taking professional mug shots for the yearbook & calling them “Senior Pictures” and all the snapshots friends have many seniors think they’ve got it covered. Sadly as we’re seeing, time goes by and many have nothing more than an Instagram page to show who they were.  There is nothing special about these pictures or what they represent. Listed are the Top 10 reasons not to let friends take your senior pictures….


Letting loose during the shoot.


1: Because your friends will never let you look hotter than they are!

2: Because you ate 10 cupcakes last week. We know how to hide the evidence.

3: Because your friends belong in the photos WITH you.

4: Because we don’t have to TRY to get the shot, we can get it every time.

5: Because we not only know how to make you feel like a model, but look like one too!

6: Because people will LOVE your pictures, not just like them on Instagram.

7: Because we have cool stuff, cool locations and we know how to use them.

8: Because we don’t need Snapchat filters to make you look good, and you won’t look fake.

9: Because someday your kids and grand kids are going to see these pictures. You want to look good.



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