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High School Yearbook Stories, What’s yours?

High School Yearbook Stories

High School Yearbook Stories, What’s yours? Is it the mug shot the school photographer took, or will you get a better picture that shows who you really are?



High School Yearbook Stories

Do you have fond memories from your senior year and senior photos?

Imagine the stories your yearbook could tell years after graduation.

The Super Jock that ruled the social scene and always had the prettiest of dates. Where is he now and how did he fare.
The nerdy quiet girl that seldom spoke and was a perfect blend into the wallpaper at dances and events. Is she now running her own tech company or a sweet housewife with a tassel of kids.
The boisterous band gang who were half creative beasts and half disciplined note soldiers to make the music come alive.
That yearbook image is your connection to the past. Those little images neatly lined up with name and graduation year is how friends and family will remember this important time in your life.
How will you be portrayed?
A cookie cutter snapshot that is a simple drone of the photo before and after yours? Or will you show some personality, some life and some passion?
I saw this cute comic a few days ago and had to save it for the right moment. With yearbooks being passed out soon it would be a great reminder for the Class of 2018 to start thinking about their school days legacy. Will you blend into the wall without a peep or will you be bold and tell the world they should be expecting something special with the rest of your life?
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