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beautiful unique portrait

A beautiful unique portrait

A beautiful unique portrait

Let TA Schmidt Photography capture the real you for family and friends

To my astonishment tears pooled in her eyes…
It starts about age ten for many girls and they often never outgrow it. We see it all the time in teens, 20’s – 50’s and even sweet little grandma’s in their 80’s.
Maybe it’s the mass media with the celebrity obsessed and photoshopped beautiful flawless faces. Or it could be the cruel little boy in 7th grade that called her a name.
Somehow a lot of young girls and women of all ages have no confidence in who they are and what they look like. Even at the scheduling phone call they go on and on how they hate being photographed. And never like themselves in photos.
Compared with the sneaky grab shots at Christmas with your mouth full of food or the backyard selfies you have to expect a much better experience with a real professional photoshoot.
So many people, girls and guys alike remember the poor school photos done year after year. One shot. Good luck with the expression and even having the eyes open!
However we do it different.
It takes time and skill.
Perfected through years of training and thousands of sessions.
But it still surprises and delights me when a child, high school senior or mom sheds a tear of joy finally seeing how wonderfully beautiful they are today.
It’s there to behold all the time. Step back, take a breath and enjoy the uniqueness of you.
Let TA Schmidt Photography capture this moment in time for you and family and friends. Call 244-2636.
For all your photography needs.
Child, high school senior, family, business portraits, commercial images for brochures or the web, pets, glamour and boudoir.
Call 244-2636 for a free consultation for your beautiful unique portrait.

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