Grandma and Redding Grandkids -

Grandma and Redding Grandkids

Grandma and Redding Grandkids
Grandma and Redding Grandkids get photos from TA Schmidt Photography

Beautiful faces get captured each year with the Adorable Kids Contest in Redding CA

I remember what your Grandma did!
When you have been around doing portraits for four decades you get to say that now and then to the grand children we photograph years later.
All those weddings and high school seniors back in the beginning grew a massive business that continues today.
We have moved three times to larger and larger facilities.
We were the first to brave the transition from film to digital.
We were the first to earn the PPA Master of Photography Degree.
Through it all we still do what we do.
Make images to freeze time.
Your kids like it or not will grow up and move on also.
Like I tell all my clients… “you keep feeding them they keep growing!”
It’s one of the reasons we keep doing the Adorable Kids Contest. It lights a fire with some folks to get those good portraits of their kids while they can. I not so subtle reminder they won’t be at this age much longer.
All kids, boys and girls, 12 years and younger are eligible for the annual event. For just $29 you get a two outfit studio photoshoot, tons of fun photos to choose from and a print for you and the contest.
For a VERY limited time we are also giving away a FREE pearl necklace with our Girls and Pearls promo. Just $129 for the photoshoot, 8×10, 5×7, 8-wallets and a lovely strand of real freshwater pearls. This is limited to inventory on hand so call for either kids special at 244-2636.
With Kool April Nights just around the corner you might also want Pin Up photos with your classic car! Glamour and boudoir photoshoots available with
All Pinned Up doing full hair and face Makeovers for you.

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