The cutest kids photos -

The cutest kids photos

The cutest kids photos

The cutest kids photos are made by TA Schmidt Photography

The Adorable Kids Contest is for girls and boys 12 years and younger.

Your little guy or gal is growing up fast. Every day, week, month you see new traits and skills. Each sweet milestone of walking, talking and learning to get into new areas of trouble are moments that pass too quickly. If you neglect this fleeting time without getting good photos it will be gone forever.

That is why the annual Adorable Kids Contest is so special. For just 30 bucks per child you get a two outfit studio photoshoot with different poses and backgrounds, plus a desktop print for you and the contest!

Ages 12 and under for boys and girls only. This is your opportunity to capture the spirit and fun of your kids at this age.
Call TA Schmidt Photography at 244-2636 to chat about the two clothing changes and props you should bring to make your photos unique to your child.


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