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What is your style from classic pin up to sexy vixen?

We got a bunch of questions about our Spring Glamour/Boudoir special so rather than having to answer them one by one here is a FAQ of the main things we keep hearing from you all…

Q. Does the studio supply clothing for the boudoir sessions?
A. No, you must bring your own outfits for a couple really good reasons. First and foremost is your hubby or BF is going to want to see you live in the awesome outfit after he sees the great images of you. Second, styles, sizes and colors that you might want to wear would require a warehouse of lingerie and dozens themed outfits. These images are a reflection of you and your style so we don’t want to even try and dictate how you look.

Q. What are the age restrictions on boudoir photos at the studio?
A. Real simple…18-80 years old. Like at the grocery store we check ID’s if you look younger than a sweet 30. We are NOT going to work with underage girls looking for quick thrills for the current boyfriend of the week. On the other end of the spectrum we have done several fun and beautiful sessions of women in their 70’s and 80’s. What a great gift for the 50th anniversary!

Q. Can the studio hide extra weight and wrinkles?
A. There is a special magic in proper posing, lighting and finally Photoshop art work to bodysculpt and refine the photos. You can choose the degree of work we do on your favorite images ranging from totally natural to more of a magazine style tuning of all the curves.

Q. “I have never been photographed like this before and am very shy”, can the studio help me look good and relaxed?
A. Yes, our story telling system of getting lots of good expressions insures you have a good time while getting plenty of poses to include in your order. After years of working with regular clients, models and high school seniors we know how to get the best look from you.

Q. “I want it sexy but do not want to show too much”, can you do that?
A. The clothing you bring determines what gets seen in the photos. Most clients want to highlight either bust, legs or bottom during the session along with loads of sassy expressions. What makes the photoshoot even more fun is we stop often for you to instantly see the images and you decide if you want to show off more or less.

Q. “Do I have to wear lingerie”?
A. Remember you can get the sexy boudoir style, the classic Retro PinUp style or create your own theme for shots as unique as you are. Our goal is to tell your story with the best photos you have ever had made.

Q. How does the BOGO Bridal Special work?
A. Usually it is the bride and one of her friends or the maid of honor coming in for the two for one special. You BOTH get the full All Pinned Up MakeOver and both get the full studio session with 3-5 outfits. You can even schedule the entire bridal party for a full day of BOGO sessions! Only $99 for the MakeOver and photoshoot for any two girls through April 25th while time slots are still available. Call 244-2636 to have a blast and to save your appointment.


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