Sassy, sexy, saucy boudoir photos -

Sassy, sexy, saucy boudoir photos

•••Spring Glamour Boudoir Special•••

Glamour Photos

You can be anyone you want to be with the All Pinned Up Makeover and studio photoshoot from Redding’s only complete photo studio, TA Schmidt Photography.

There are so many reasons to do the glamour/boudoir photos this time of year.

Bridal Boudoir makes the perfect gift for him featuring you at your very best forever!

Mothers Day is an ideal time to look and feel like the beauty you have always been to your other half. Show him this post so HE can get you a gift certificate for the full MakeOver and Photoshoot. You will have a blast with the full treatment of feeling like a model and he will enjoy the results of his love looking great!

Fathers Day is also just around the corner. What do you think he would prefer? Another awful tie or some sassy photos of you?

Finally, the clock keeps ticking. You have thought about doing this unique kind of photoshoot but have always delayed it. Many of our boudoir sessions are done on milestone birthdays. Hitting the big Three Zero, fantastic forty or fab fifty is the ultimate excuse.

Now with any package order you also get a free app for his phone to enjoy you all the time, anywhere. Call 244-2636 for your complete MakeOver from All Pinned Up and photoshoot from TA Schmidt Photography for only $99!

Not ready to look stunning?

Maybe bring in your kids for the annual Adorable Kids Contest photoshoots.

Over $7,000 in national and regional prizes.

Great for girls and boys 12 years and under.

Bring two outfits. One nice look and a themed look that tells a story about your child.

Art, sports, “just like daddy or mommy”, a favorite props form grandpa…

Make your photoshoot as unique as your family with all it’s traditions and quirks!


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