Seedling of Success -

Seedling of Success

Seedling of Success

Seedling of Success

Roots and Wings for your child can be captured with the 2017 Adorable Kids Contest


“A wise woman once said to me that there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give to our children.

One of these she said is roots, the other, is wings.”  

W. Hodding Carter


A great portrait gives a child both roots and wings.  Images of family on the wall in the home have proven to give a child a sense of place, belonging and security. All important in these crazy times. The protective cocoon we strive to give our children continues to be broken down by events, news, the internet and the rapidly changing pace of life.
Portraits also give kids their wings. A glimpse of adventure and their future. They can be anybody they want to be. Their imagination can soar with the help from parents gathering clothing and props to explore the interests and fascinations of age.  You can also tie in family heirlooms and traditions to a unique image that will be passed down to future generations.  

There is no better time than now to capture these roots and wings from your kids.  The annual Adorable Kids Contest is designed just for that very reason. Let’s explore and feature the personality of your child or grand kids. Bring two different outfits.  It’s a good idea to bring one nice set of clothing and one a theme outfit and props that tells a story about the child or family. Of course if you have questions or need some help narrowing down your selections you can call for a chat.

Your children’s 2017 personal studio photoshoot is still only $30 and includes a souvenir print for you and the contest.

Girls and boys ages 12 and under are all welcome. Pets are fun too as a living prop!

Call 244-2636 for your photo shoot time.


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