Valentine's Day Boudoir -

Valentine’s Day Boudoir

Redding's favorite photographer for over 4 decades

Go modern or traditional glamour, Go bold or go innocent boudoir.


Valentine’s Day Boudoir


You know how hard it is to buy something for your guy.

Something personal and thoughtful.

A gift that is memorable and playful.

It has to be better than some lame tie or magazine subscription.

Maybe something that is fun for you and surprising for him.

Something to remind him how lucky he is to have you.

Something to remind you how special and beautiful you are at this time in your life.

Boudoir and Glamour sessions have changed over the years.

You pick the style and the mood.

You can go bold and bare or dial it back to be sweet and innocent.

It all starts with a full MakeOver with All Pinned Up.

You never worry about your hair and photos style makeup.

Trina Fee our fav stylist located right next door does all the work for you.

Then it is time for your studio photoshoot.

Bring in 3-5 outfits that tell a story about you and your relationship.

Has be bought you some nifty clothing, jewelry or perfume?

Do you have some momentos from a trip you took together?

You should also bring something from him.

A dress shirt and tie.

Turnouts and helmet if he is a fireman.

Camo and favorite gun if he is a hunter.

We have had girls bring in his Harley motorcycle!

How can you best tell a story that is just for him?

Click below for more info and to reserve your time in the studio.

Or you can call 244-2636 to chat about what you have in mind for a mind blowing session that will have him talking for the rest of the year. 

Available for women 18 years and older only.

Also available if you want to do your own makeup if you feel comfortable with your skills.


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