Generations of Family History -

Generations of Family History

Generations of Family History

Generations of Family History with Reddings best family studio TA Schmidt Photography

Capture the times and stories of your family with your grandparents sharing their most special memories

Generations of Family History are at your beck and call. Have you taken the time yet to sit down with grandparents or great grandparents and listen to their priceless years of wisdom and stories? Do you have old photo albums with unidentified relatives and places they could still give you background and details to fill in the blanks?
Imagine the life of your family 50-100-150 years ago.
Were they in America?
Did they fight the British for our independence.
Who were the farmers in the family.
Was their a passage in a covered wagon?
Did gold bring them to California with the rest of the 49ers?
How did they deal with the Great Depression?
Any soldiers in WW1 and WW2?
What has been the most exciting change they have witnessed in all those years?
Have they flown in an airplane yet?
What do they think of cellphones and cable TV?
Who is the most famous or infamous person in your blood line?
If you have kids or grandkids, this time of year is great for storytelling.
It’s cold and wet outside so make up a big bowl of popcorn and gather around the fireplace or kitchen table to dive deep into your heritage. What questions do your kids have about the past?
You can video or voice record the evening so you will have a personal time capsule to share with future generations.
We love doing family sessions. They can be formal or casual. In the studio or outdoors in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  Pets are always welcome since they are part of your family too.
The more the generations the more valuable the images are for you. We can even come to you or travel to your family. Our passports are always up to date to make your photo session a reality.

Do it now while you can. Call us at 244-2636 for your photoshoot.


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