Great New Year Beginning -

Great New Year Beginning

Happy New Year 2017

Great New Year Beginning

Make 2017 your best year ever

It’s Time for a Great New Year Beginning…
Each new year starts like a newborn child.
Full of hope, potential and wonder.
Every day is a new adventure of learning, growing, plodding along trying to avoid the bumps and bruises but knowing without them you cannot reach your next level or stage.
With luck you have a good mentor or parent to help guide you through those rough patches.
If not you go it alone knowing each lesson from this school of hard knocks will make you stronger and wiser.
Remember to dream big.
Make your plans and sights lofty so you have to stretch and find your highest calling.
Get up each day feeling you can make giant strides and will achieve something towards that end goal.
Be unique and true to you.
Happy New Year. We wish you the best for family and friends.
Remember we do children, high school seniors, family, glamour and boudoir MakeOvers, pets and business portraits.
We also consult with local business on how to best market in this unique Redding economy.
For print, websites and general customer building we may be able to help you reach your goals quickly and for less expense than you expect.
Be sure to ask about how we do our thank you’s to top customers and how you can build your own fine tuned marketing machine with referrals.
Open by appointment.
Call or text (530) 244-2636 or email to
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The Redding areas only full service studio with private indoor and outside photo shoot areas.
One of a very select few PPA Master of Photography in the USA.
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