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Redding Open For Business Photos

Redding Open For Business Photos

Redding Open For Business Photos with TA Schmidt Photography
Redding is Open For Business. The heart and soul of Redding… even America when you take in it’s vastness, is the Mom and Pop shops that serve the local customers. A family business contributes to employment, taxes, local color and innovation plus time and money to local charities and special causes.
It’s fun to look back on old maps and photos of the historical downtown Redding.
The old hotels, drug stores, feed and livery biz, the 5 & dimes, Docs and dentists.
Some of the names keep coming up year after year.
Many of the names end up on streets and sub-divisions.
Individually we are just a small speck in the business universe but taken as a group we drive the US economy.
How many entry level jobs have been created for those entering the workforce for the first time?
Teenagers getting their first taste of adult work with regular hours and responsibilities.
Returning military coming home with new skills and new appreciation for life and family.
Stay at home Moms jumping back into the workforce one the kids are off to school.
How often has a small operator blown up an idea into a huge franchise or corporate giant?
Do we have in our city limits the next McDonald’s or an idea that the TV show Shark Tank can make a huge success? 
Where else can you find and enjoy the unique foods, products and services that carry the finger print of the business owners’ personality and taste?
For 2017 choose your hard working local businesses. Keep your community strong and reward the effort and countless hours that are required to run a business in todays’s hyper competitive world.
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