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Our Christmas Wish to You

Christmas Wish from TA Schmidt Photography

Fathers and daughters make one of our favorite family groups to photograph as a sub grouping

Christmas Wish

I may be a bit biased but I do believe there is a special bond between fathers and daughters. Call it personal experience from watching my daughter grow up or watching the thousands of families we have photographed over the 40 years in business.
This is the first year in a quarter century Elissa and I will not have our daughter at home for Christmas. Ashley is in So Cal working her medical rotations in an Urgent Care clinic on Christmas day. Just another six months and she will graduate with her degree to become a Physicians Assistant so we are proud of her work but sad to not have here at hand.
When we do photograph family sessions we try to mix and match different groups and generations. Grandparents with their grand kids. Parents together. Just the kidlings. It makes for a complete photoshoot to document this fleeting time in your life.
This Holiday season be thankful for those family you have. Our Christmas Wish for you is to have them gathered around the table and tree with stories of love and plenty of laughter. Take the time to connect and learn about their lives and direction.
Also, slow down a bit and be kind.  Appreciate those many folks that have to work serving the public while you enjoy the weekend with your loved ones. Police, fireman, Docs, service station and store staff, restaurants all have family at home wishing they could be together.
Plus be brave, strong and excited for the new year coming where you can focus again to achieve your dreams. New years for many are a new start.  Cast off the 2016 lessons to start fresh taking what you have learned to make 2017 your best year ever.
Tom & Elissa Schmidt

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