Meet Santa's official family photographer -

Meet Santa’s official family photographer

Christmas photos

Santa Claus brought gifts for Christmas and having a rest by the fireplace. Buddy TA Schmidt having some fun with the Big Guy before Santa makes his annual trip.

Avoid the Elf Rebellion

You didn’t know Santa and I were buddies?

More than just casual buddies but you can meet Santa’s official family photographer.
It’s true, on my Alaska trip 3 years ago with little bro Jerry we spent some time chatting up some ideas in Nome. We have some similar hobbies like photography and salmon fishing and cross country skiing.

The one big thing he kept bringing up was how people have lost their joy and fun this time of year when it should be abundant. Tool many sad faces and stressed lives make him unhappy when he works all year long to make this a special time.
Aside from the nutcase drivers and too long lines shopping we all need to smile a bit.

Chill is the word from Santa himself.

Don’t take it all so serious. Slow down a bit and enjoy the colors, sounds, food and music.

Also, Santa is big into families and kids as you know.

Santa Says…

He wants YOU to keep your family portrait up to date this year with his main man here in Redding… Best In North State photographer TA Schmidt Photography in downtown Redding.
Yes, we are open on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas and the week after Christmas through New Years Eve.

There are still a handful of session times available for you, your family and the kids. What a great time for new photos with the new clothing Santa brought the gang.

You can stay off the naughty list by calling 244-2636 to lock in your photoshoot with your group of elves.

Get it while the family is gathered. Family photos, children, seniors, boudoir, business and of course pets are always welcome. Start 2017 with fresh images for your home and family!


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