Family pictures with pets -

Family pictures with pets

Family pictures with pets in Redding

Portraits with pets in Redding

Your pets are as much of the family as your kids according to many of our pet owning clients.

These are the final days for the annual Haven Humane Society Pets and People Photoshoots.

People ask all the time if we allow pets in the studio for sessions.

Does the Pope pray in the woods?

Yes, of course we do pet portraits!

We love pets for photos.

And your best bet is to do your photoshoot now during this last TA Schmidt Photography promo for Haven.

Your dawg is gonna bite your butt if you miss it again.

I am not kidding.

Once he is done chasing alley cats and protecting your house from the bad guys he will be very unhappy.

You know the look and sounds.

The evil eye he makes when you are holding out on that last bite of hotdog.

Or the low growling sound which reminds you of hearing your stomach after having that bad enchilada from the food truck in Tijuana.

You FAILED to fetch the one thing he has wanted all year.

The final Pets and People photoshoots to benefit the Haven Humane Society are just days away.

Really, for $30, the price of a big stink’in box of kitty litter you could have a photo session and portrait of your best buddy while helping Redding’s animal loving troops.

I hope I am not barking up the wrong tree but I though you really loved your pets.

It’s possible there is something fishy going on in your life right now.

But the cat is out of the bag because this is the FINAL year for the fundraiser by Best in North State Photographer TA Schmidt.

Stop horsing around.

Don’t be a weinerdog.

You will feel like a real snake if you disappoint your magnificent mutt.

Click the link below to save a spot before the final photoshoots this month.


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