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Fabulous Fall Seniors

Fabulous Fall 2017 Seniors

fall seniors

Catch the fall colors with your senior photos in the studio and outdoors.

The great thing about modern high school seniors is the incredible variety of interests and hobbies they now have to share.
Skilled in music, sports, art makes a well rounded student with lots of areas to pursue and master a craft.
When we do senior pictures the more you bring in props, unique clothing and collections the more special your images become.
A true reflection of who you are right now and where you are going.
To be honest you really can’t ever bring too much. We will pick and choose those things that will photograph best and reveal some of your personality.
We have seen lots of crazy things people bring to a photoshoot.
A favorite chicken.
A jetski.
Buckskins worn by Great Grandpa when he came West for the gold rush.
Unique clothing and costumes created by the student.
Wonderful woodwork had turned by a very talented senior.
We have always said, “If it doesn’t bite or will hurt anybody we want to see it and maybe use it for the shoot”.
If you are still waiting to become one of our Fabulous Fall SeniorsĀ call us at 244-2636 to capture your style before the wet winter weather kicks in.
There is still time also for Holiday family photos.
In the studio, outdoors or even at yo0ur home.
For a ridiculous amount of money we can also meet you down in San Diego to do sunset beach shots of the family!
For those 18 and older ladies watch for our Christmas Pin Up and Boudoir special at the end of this month.
You will find some great prices on new products and still just $99 for the complete hair and face makeover by All Pinned Up and the studio photo session here at TA Schmidt Photography in downtown Redding CA.

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