Holiday portrait for Thanksgiving -

Holiday portrait for Thanksgiving

Is your family home for Thanksgiving

Your family home for Thanksgiving

Let’s get your family together for a new portrait this Thanksgiving!

Yes indeed! As usual we await your arrival for Holiday pictures when your family has gathered.

We are open the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving for your family portraits.

The two late holiday weekends are by far the most popular time to have new family photos made.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are the magnets that draw family together to celebrate the relationships and bonds.
Kids are back from college, military leaves have our service men and women coming home plus grandparents brave the travel to be with those they love.
It’s a time for catching up with the goings on of friends and family from your past.
A time for stories of joys and tragedy. Hopes and some failures. Successes and a few lessons learned.
You are with family so you can share your dreams and get trusted advise and perspective from the people who care the most.
Let’s make your 2-3-4 generation portrait while the gang is together this year.
In the studio with no worry about wind or rain.  Comfortable and controlled so everyone will look their very best.
Yes, you can bring the family pet.
Yes, we love to photograph all the different groups of families and relatives.
Yes, we want to chat with you about clothing so you all will fit in the make a portrait you will love forever.
Due to the number of sessions requested each Thanksgiving (and weather concerns and bare trees outdoors) we have time only for in studio photoshoots during the weekend.
Call 244-2636 with your credit card in hand to lock in your time. There is no time for excuses when the family is at hand. Too often your next opportunity will have someone missing.
Best in the North State family sessions are still only $49 whether you have just a simple couple or 50 members in your new TA Schmidt Photography holiday portrait.

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