Decorating with family photos -

Decorating with family photos

Decorating with family photos

Getting a great photo does not require a great big smile. When decorating with family photos you want the room mood to fit the portrait mood and style.

Decorating with family photos

Many people think a trip to the local pro photographer requires a big fake smile during the photoshoot. A big cheesy all the teeth showing, nostrils flared and eye balls bulging smile.
If so, you got the wrong photographer. A pro knows how to get a real expression that fits your personality and will look great on the wall in your home or office.
A real photographer with experience captures your natural expressions, style, mood and charisma. It’s really a peek behind the curtain to the true you.

A statement of fact and ideal.

Then after your session and ordering you come home with images to display.



What can you do to make the portraits and your home look it’s best?

Here is a great article from Shelterness with a ton of ideas to try in your home.

57+ Ideas To Decorate Walls With Pictures

Hanging pictures shouldn’t be a hard task. Although many of us are struggling with choosing a right grouping to organize a perfect picture wall. In order to help you, we’ve gathered not only cool ideas and examples but also practical picture wall layouts you could follow. We’re also going to show you how to fill picture walls not only with family photos, but also with paintings, landscape photos, and pictures from different books. Any room would benefit from such decor so don’t be afraid to try it out because you know, the secret of a well-designed interior lies in the details. Living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, home offices, dining rooms and all other areas of your house would look better with several pictures on its walls.

Of course we are always happy to help you find ways to frame and display your favorite photos.  It’s a real shame that some folks toss the images in a bedroom drawer or simply lean the unframed photo against a wall where it can be damaged and does not get viewed properly.
When you are ready for your family, child, high school senior or business portraits call 244-2636.

We will never tell you to smile for the birdie…


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