Your Headshot...Your Brand -

Your Headshot…Your Brand

Your Headshot...Your Brand

Headshots can be simple or exciting and dynamic. Don’t settle for a portrait that looks like an old passport photo!

Your Headshot…Your Brand

Headshots are still the staple of portrait photography.

Use them for on-line profiles, pageants, job applications, branding, senior portraits and gifts.

They can be for children or adults seeking to improve their lot in life.  Photogenic contests or applications for residency to a hospital. Dating sites or making the move to that next new job. Blog posts or business cards.

They don’t HAVE to look like DMV mugshots.

You can get photos that have fun, playful, mischievous, energetic expressions that reveal your true personality. Or you can dial it back some and get a classic more business-like look.
Really, they don’t HAVE to look like your Mom shot the photo in the backyard with her 2010 smartphone.

The poor lighting outdoors and distractions behind the subject make many headshots a very poor showing for your first impression.
Even a simple headshot can show personality and energy. Use your photo to make a statement and make your brand MEMORABLE!
We had the pleasure of a photoshoot with Shasta County’s entry into the Miss California program.

Good luck Candace… we are all cheering for ya!

For all your photo needs- high school senior portraits, children, family, pets and business we are here to help. We continue to almost everything but weddings!

For yours call 244-2636. We are open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm and on Saturdays by appointment. It is always best to call before you drop by in case we are shooting on location 

here or on the beaches around Eureka this time of year.

Do you have a TA Schmidt portrait in your home yet? We offer traditional prints, canvas and even printed onto steel. Also you can get custom albums/photo books to share a wide selection of your favorite images.


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