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Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots for business, pageants, modeling and acting.

Beer pong photos don’t make it…

Each year at the beginning of summer across the nation thousands of college seniors grab their diploma and make their way into the real work of business. The long journey and reminders of the student loans make this time full of anxiety while looking for and getting comfortable with that first post grad job.
After four years of theory and case study the reality of life presents challenges and opportunities that may not have been covered in textbooks and class. For one, things happen so much faster in the world’s marketplace. Weekly assignments and month long term papers are unlike projects that have hard money and human lives in tow.
An area of immediate concern is their social media savvy level.
The fun and high jinx of college days are best fondly remembered but not shared on Facebook and Instagram. Profile photos that show the immature dweeb doing regrettable pranks are public for all to see.  A better image might be the budding professional so not to hurt prospects at interviews and the in depth research more and more companies are doing to protect against bad hires.
Studio headshots for business, acting, pageants and modeling are available from Redding’s only indoor/outdoor portrait studio.  You get a full series of images showing off different parts of your personality. Smiles and not, tight head and shoulders and more 3/4 views. You can use these all for profiles, business cards, blog posts and even billboards if you have a large local presence.
As always we are happy to help you choose the best clothing and style of images with a FREE phone or in studio clothing consultation.
Once the photoshoot is complete you usually get to see the images the very next day… and if you are in a big rush often we can “flip” the images for immediate viewing and selection.
Make a great first impression with a wonderful photo by calling 244-2636 for your appointment.

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