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Where’s Your Olympic Gold Medal?

SendOutCards gold medal

How to make your top performers gold medal winners

Where’s Your Gold Star or Medal?


So far it has been a magical 2016 Rio Olympics for a few super stars like swimmer Michael Phelps and the entire women’s gymnastic team. Record setting performances, personal triumphs of skill and artistry and finally years of work rewarded on the podium with some new gold jewelry


Redding once again is represented with our own Megan Rapinoe playing soccer for Team USA. With some luck she will once again lead the team and bring home the top prize with our wonderful American squad!


Can you imagine what it is like to be standing there on the top step of the podium accepting your reward for being the best?  


After years of training.


Endless work, injuries, training and re-hab.


Countless competitions, thousands of travel miles, tiny hotel rooms or sleeping in the back of the car while family drives cross country yet again. 


Can you hear the sounds, the roar, the music?


The National Anthem is playing in the background while your teammates, family and thousands of US fans are going crazy cheering your moment!


It must be a blur of pride, tears and relief from the pressure.


How will your life change?


How will your confidence grow?


What’s next? What new challenge and goal can your conquer?


For us mere mortals we seldom get an opportunity to be recognised for our efforts and skills. Once past grade school the “gold stars” and happy face stickers are replaced by monthly paychecks.


There is no anthem, no cheering or high fives.


A trip to the bank and you start all over again.


If you own a business, teach a class or lead a team you might want to find a simple inexpensive way to cheerlead your best performers and customers. A way to feature them, show gratitude and encourage them to keep growing and going.


There’s an app for that!


With your smartphone download the FREE SendOutCards app from your app store. Type in the activation code 12212. Now you can take a photo with your phone and send them a real card in the mail. (Even include a gift like awesome brownies or popular books) Your card will be printed the next business day and mailed directly to them!


Try it free. Your first two cards are a no charge demo to see how easy the program is to use anywhere you have access to your phone or internet on your computer.


You can use these for Thank You notes, invitations, prospecting, special events and of course follow-ups.


If you have 5 minutes I would be happy to guide you through the easy process.  (If you are under 50 years old you can do it almost blindfolded) Plus, I can show you how I use the program personally and for business.


Call me at 244-2636 to see how SOC can work best for you.


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