Family Reunion Redding Photos -

Family Reunion Redding Photos

Family Reunion Photos

Family Reunions in Redding Deserve a new portrait of all the generations!


Family Reunion in Redding Photos

July is Family Reunion Month.

Starting with the 4th weekend we will see folks gathering for Redding’s outstanding annual fireworks display.

That is a perfect excuse for getting everyone together and making the portrait you have been wanting for the last few years.

It is surprising how fast the kids keep growing.

Especially the little guys under the age of six.

It seems every day they grow an inch or two and pick up new skills and words!

Plus the pre teens and teenagers…

New hairdos and looks are a daily change. Going from long blond hair to short dark hair. Not to mention the clothing  styles that evolve with the current fashion.

What a great time to gather the gang for a new family photoshoot.

With everyone’s busy schedule getting together your 3-4-even 5 generations is a chore so it does not happen often enough.

Finding the right time for everyone, getting clothing organized so everyone looks good with color and form.

If you have questions or concerns about any of it you can call for a free consultation.

Where to shoot?

When is the best time of day if working outside?

How to deal with glasses and wheelchairs and pets?

We can work at your home, outdoors or in the cool air-conditioned studio to capture all images you will all treasure forever.

We are happy to photograph your large multi generational group and then break down into individual families and sub groups of grandkids, cousins and other combos you wish.

Studio sessions are still just $49, local outdoor photoshoots only $99 and sunset sessions on the beach near Eureka start at $250.

You can call 244-2636 to schedule your time or chat about what ideas you have for your gathering.

Do you have a TA Schmidt portrait in your home and office yet?


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