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Hats are a great portrait prop

Look great with a nice hat in your photo

Everyone looks good with the right hat in a great portrait

Hats are a great portrait prop

I love hats. A couple cowboy hats for the Rodeo Days and a fedora I picked up in Malta get worn on special occasions and when feeling a bit adventurous.
The old movies where men and women all wore some kind of stylish headpiece had a class and sophistication missing in today’s casual baseball cap world.
A well worn hat with a slight tilt carried an attitude of confidence.
Your fashionable women could hide behind a bit of black lace or netting to be more mysterious.
The man about town whether the gangster or Madison Ave advertising genius always wore a hat to show personality and taste.
If you think about it, it’s been awhile since Hollywood has made a great hat statement movie.
Maybe Raiders of the Lost Ark with Harrison Ford?
While hats are a great portrait prop they are just one of many things you can bring to your photo session to share who you really are inside.
Many clients bring pets of all sorts.
Mostly dogs because they travel well and have their own big personality. But also, cats, bunnies, birds and even once a baby alligator!
Remember, you can always in in to chat about your photo shoot.
A pre portrait consultation about clothing, props, style and location will better guarantee you getting the exact images you want for family and friends.
We have tons of photos on thew alls and in albums to jump start your ideas for your next session.
More and more customers are also emailing us ideas and photos they clip from Instagram and Pinterest so we can do our version of something they already like the look.
Call us at 244-2636 for your children, family, high school senior, business and boudoir photo needs.
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