Baby photographer in Redding? -

Baby photographer in Redding?

baby photographer

Do you see the artist, doctor or teacher within?

Who is the best baby photographer in Redding?

That depends on what you are looking to create.
If you want images that tell a story about the child, that reflect personality and the joys of childhood, there is one towering choice.
TA Schmidt Photography has earned the Best In North State Photographer award because of how the studio approaches each session.
Every child, no matter how young,  has a personality forming that needs be be captured and displayed for family and friends.
Unlike most photo studios you will almost NEVER hear the word SMILE during a photoshoot.
No one really wants the fake cheese smile only fit for a dentist!
If the child (or adult for family and glamour sessions) is having fun and is engaged they will give you natural and pleasing expressions.
With kids you do that with stories and playtime.
With an endless variety of props and tricks to amuse and confound the subjects.
What do you see when you watch a child at play?
Do you marvel at the never ending bundle of energy packed into the tiny body… or do you envision the future artist, teacher, doctor or presidential candidate?
Can you recall how those giggles and “dinosaur sounds” quickly expand to words and meaningful statements?
Does it still amaze you how it all happens seamlessly, almost invisibly, day to day so when you awake some morning you discover the innocent baby has grown to become a young adult?  Now venturing into the real world without the helicopter protection of parents–the blossom has bloomed. And each day a new adventure is an opportunity to grow and learn.
If your child up to age 12 years is growing older without wonderful images to remember this special age you need to call 244-2636 to save your spot for next week’s final appointments for the Adorable Kids Contest. There are only a handful of spots open on Tuesday for the 2016 program.
Do you have a TA Schmidt Photography portrait in your home yet?

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