Do You Have One of Redding’s Talented Kids? -

Do You Have One of Redding’s Talented Kids?

Redding's best photographer, TA Schmidt Photography

Talents and skill should be captured and shared with great portraits.



There is a reason so many parents nowadays are harried and stressed.


Aside from the usual pressures of job, maintaining the household and trying to raise the family at home, there is also the sheer amount of activities today’s youth are involved in.

Three and four sport athletes.

Music and dance.

Cool tech clubs where they get to build ROBOTS and print 3D constructions.

Not to mention the summer and Christmas activity camps.

Or the cultural world-wide immersion travel….


It wasn’t that long ago when kids were sent outdoors for the day to stay entertained and out of trouble with a stick and a ball of twine. “Come back for dinner and don’t be late”!  


Somehow we survived and we managed to learn enough to get to the moon, create rock and roll music and advance health and medicine so we all can live a longer and happier life.


Now, I get to see amazing talents photographing so many high school senior graduation photos and kids for the Adorable Kids Contest. Many of the interesting things they are doing and the skill level they reach at such a young age.


There are so many of these talented kids!


Young guitar players that make Stairway to Heaven a warm up drill.


Paintings and sculpture that could be in a museum.


Car body work that looks like it came from the factory.


And the incredible speed and coordination kids have now pursuing their favorite sports.


Run faster, jump higher, all with insane body control.


Look at our Bay Area Warriors with their repeat quest for the NBA title.


The record for most wins, the record for never back to back losses and the record for the most three point made baskets in a season.  Not just a tiny incremental bump year to year but an extra hundred plus in one season!


These youngsters are kicking bootie and taking names!


So the questions for you and your kids…


Do you have current portraits of your gang showing their passions and skills?


You know, one of the real photos you can hold and put on the wall to enjoy every day for the rest of your life.


Not an instant shoot it, share it and delete it image that disappears into the ones and zeros wasteland of the universe.


The Adorable Kids contest for boys and girls ages newborn-12 is almost over. Only 3 weeks til the end of May and all is done for the 2016 year. Your photoshoot and a print for you and the contest is still only $29. You need to call 244-2636 now and reserve the time for your little monsters.


We can talk about your talented kids’ clothing and props to make this your best portrait session ever.  Share your pride in what your kids are doing. Make Grandma happy with a brag book to show the wonderful job you are doing raising your family!


PS… Got family coming home for the summer?  We are booking family photoshoots in the studio, at your home or area parks and on the Eureka Coast. Catch them while you can!


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