Pictures for Grandparents -

Pictures for Grandparents

We hear about it nearly every day…Pictures for Grandparents are not like they used to be.

Now days if they are lucky they get the cookie cutter school pictures once a year.

They also get texted and emailed photos grabbed at the ball game and birthday party.

But they usually do not get the quality images they remember having made for their kids…. that means you buckeroo!

Grandparents are unhappy with this new tech era where people keep important photos on the phone and not on the walls of their homes.

Phone issues, computer crashes, tiny images on devices does nothing  for the soul when you want to remember or share a time in life with a good photo.

The kids growing up through the seven stages of childhood have stories that need to be captured and retold.

Yearly family portraits documenting the missing teeth, the teenage hairstyles, new additions and the every changing dynamic of the family will never be passed along with this current snap happy mindset of the the smart phone photographers.

When digital imaging first came out we heard of so many people not backing up photos and losing everything they had when a hard drive went bad. (And you know it is not a matter of IF it is always a matter of WHEN they go bad)

Entire weddings were lost.

Vacations and special events disappeared with the grinding down of a drive.

We are lucky these days with auto backup.

Google, iCloud, DropBox, Amazon and more instantly can save each photo and video you capture.

Losing a phone with contacts and images is inconvenient now but not the disaster it used to be just a handful of years ago.

Your back up has you covered.

But those walls in the home are still barren.

There is no feeling of history or growth.

We see so many home with nice furnishing and bare walls.

Some have artwork. But rarely is it meaningful and having a tie to who you are and what you have done.

A professional portrait can help fix that before it is too late.

How much time do you have left is a great short read that may shock you about the moments you have to spend with family and friends.

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Pictures for Grandparents

Pictures for Grandparents start with a professional portrait and this is perfect for little girls ages 3-10


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