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Best Children’s Pictures

Best Redding Children's Photography studio

Sibling photos from TA Schmidt Photography can be the best children’s photos you get with the Adorable Kids Contest


The Best Children’s Pictures…

show the personality and joys of being a kid.  You want to see that glow, the mischievous smile, the playful eyes.

With our Annual Adorable Kids Contest the national rules allow for two outfits during the studio photoshoot.

One outfit is the traditional nice set of clothing.

The second outfit should tell a story about the child or the family.

Here are a few examples of what we have seen so far this year…

Daddy is a fireman so he brought in his turn-outs, helmet and a firehose for his son.

Mommy is a Doc so she brought along her Doc bag, stethoscope and a cute white jacket for the little girl.

Great grandpa was a woodworker and made a darling rocking horse many years ago that has been passed down the generations of family for the kids.

SF Giants fans are the best for having sports memorabilia and they love showing it all off during kids sessions.

Only the Oakland/LA/Las Vegas? Raider fans come close to the fanaticism for supporting their team with gear and clothing.

The two outfit studio session is only $29 per child during the Adorable Kids Contest and that includes a entry print for the contest and one for you.

Remember boys and girls ages 12 and under can come in for the program.

You will also love some of the magic we can do after the photoshoot. While we do our best to get “the shot” during the time on camera, sometimes we need to

do a little computer work to make the image perfect. With younger children you cannot always get them all to co operate at the same time. That’s where a bit of Photoshop

wizardry comes in handy to combine two or three images together to look like one perfect photo! Never sweat the rambunctious activity during the actual session.

As long as we can get a shot or two of each child at their best we have the elements for a wonderful photo worth sharing with family and friends.

You can call TA Schmidt Photography at 244-2636 or send an email to to start the process of getting your little troop photographed to get the best children’s pictures…


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