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Newborn photos at TA Schmidt Photography tell a story about the family hobbies, interests and heritage

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Nothing like a newborn with father portrait to show the love and protection parents offer


Newborn photography in the studio is a creative art that involves the parents and extended family lending ideas and tales to build a studio set that is the foundation of this new life in photos. Each child born comes into a story that can be traced back hundreds of years. Where did Mom and Dad come from? What did grandparents do for a living. What culture, hobbies and interests can be mashed together to make a unique image for your child.

Over the years we have seen many props from firemen, contractors, doctors and fishermen.  Horse riders and motorcyclists, brick layers and accountants, computer geeks and welders all have clothing and props that tell a specific yarn. It is really special when you can bring in some antique that has been passed down generations to continue the chain. Or when Grandpa or Dad has hand crafted a crib, chest or toy that hold’s his blood and sweat in the making.

We can also do the generic swaddled photos with the silly hats and tutus. Babies wrapped in cloth and placed in suitcases, drawers, pots and flowerbeds. Yes they can be cute but they lack the depth of family history. At this time you need to take a moment to recall and bring those little things that will not be just remembered for years but for decades and generations.

Also, a great way to start a child’s album is with the maternity photos made a few weeks before the baby arrives. You get the best looking images right after the baby “drops”, your tummy forming that flat shelf on top. There are three distinct ways to do the pregnancy photoshoot. First is the old fashion style with the long gown that keeps you covered with only the tummy shape hinting of the big event. Second is the new “movie star” look with the belly showing over jeans and under some kind of short top. The Demi Moore look is for those comfortable totally bare top to bottom. This nude style is outstanding for black and white images that look like fine art.

When you are ready for your newborn photography give us a call at 244-2636 to schedule. This should be done between 4-9 days old for your new little monkey!


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