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Kids Pictures Tell Stories

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Portraits of your children should share a story about their interests and dreams


Remember back when you were a child?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Take on a career to be just like mom or dad…. be a football player or dolphin trainer… be a cop or ballerina?

Sometimes interests change and we take a totally new direction.

Other times we set a course and the path stays true to become what our vision and passion dictates.

And yet other times life lays out challenges or opportunities that cannot be ignored.

At TA Schmidt Photography we believe in encouraging a child to think and dream and play.

Let them embrace this young age and explore all the options the world has to offer.

Especially in front of the camera, you are free to experiment,  you can be anyone you wish to be. ( And that goes for adults too, not just the kiddos!)

We know the first step in reaching a goal is to dream it. To live it in the imagination. To hear the sounds in your head. To see the actions in the movie of your mind.

That is why we feel so strongly about the Adorable Kids Contest we do every year.

This is a time when parents really get into it.

They relate with the child and share the dreams and stories the kids play out.

Working together they gather the props, the clothing, the pets and grow closer by communicating and truly understanding.

It’s not just the end photos.

It’s the process of getting there that layers one more special memory of this age that disappears in a blink.

Your piddly $29 investment for the full studio session with two outfits includes photos for you and the contest.

And who really cares about winning the national contest?

Meaningful time with your child already declares you the winner.

Call now, 244-2636 to save your time in the camera room.

As always we do lots of children, family, high school senior, pets, engagement and of course glamour and boudoir photos.

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