Graduate Family Portraits -

Graduate Family Portraits

Family photos

Will you have photos of your kids before they head off to college?

Graduations for high school seniors and college kids are just around the corner so emotions from the graduates and parents tend to vary.

Many of the kids are already in “short timer” mode counting days, hours, minutes to get out of school and out of town. They see the open road to adventure and the hope of an exciting new life.
Then you often see the parents, happy for the progress of their child yet facing for the first time in years a cold and quiet empty nest.
Do you have a current portrait of your family?
A Multi generational group with grandparents is even better than just the parents and kids. Something to hold on to and remember. With time flying by so fast and everyone so busy with their own lives maybe it is time for you to slow down long enough for a new photoshoot?
Call TA Schmidt Photography at 244-2636 to chat about your studio, home or outdoor session. It can be casual or formal. With pets, cars and props to tell your story.
A connection to all your family where ever they may live at the moment.
An empty house is less of a home with no portraits on the walls.
We can fix that!

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