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Best Redding Children Photo Studio

Children's photography in Redding

Boys and girls ages newborn to 12 years old get two outfit sessions for only $29 which includes a print for the contest and the family!

This great winter weather has allowed us to have an outstandingly productive first 6 weeks of 2016. Seniors, family, boudoir and the annual Adorable Kids Contest sessions have been at a record high for this time of year. Best of all my clients have been more creative than ever with clothing, props and crazy fun ideas for unique photos. With the children sessions we have seen all manner of sports, dance, hobbies and crafts. Moms are doing a great job of bringing two outfits for the $29 kids sessions. One outfit is a traditional nice look and the second outfit tells a story about the child, parents interests or family member like Grandpa or Grandma. We are seeing antiques that have been passed down generations and toys and tools from what Mommy and Dad do for careers. Your creativity not only makes the images more special and true to you but also will spark a special memory years from now when you look back to enjoy this age.

With Ash Wednesday last week it reminds me the BABY BUNNIES sessions are just around the corner. For three days we photograph studio sessions in the afternoon after working with pre and elementary schools in the morning.  (Does your preschool get baby bunnies every year?)  Bunny photos remain one of my two favorite kids themes that we have done in Redding for decades. Watch and LIKE our TA Schmidt Photography FaceBook page for studio dates if you want photos with your kids loving up the little guys.
Speaking of themes… we are looking to add a new one to our studio kids calendar this year.  After the bunnies and annual Woodland Nymph/Fairies we do each Spring I have a week open that I want to try something new and fun. What would YOU like us to do? Call or email me ideas that we might bed able to work into the studio.  In Grandma’s Attic upstairs we have tons of custom clothing and props can be be used to create dozens of looks and styles.  I am in the mood to play so put on your thinking caps!
As Redding’s best kids photo studio with easy access and free parking in the front and back we love working with you to create the images you want to keep and share forever.
Call 244-2636 for all your photo needs!

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