Redding Product photography -

Redding Product photography

Product photography in the studio or on location is a very different game. From tiny diamonds and gems on custom hand crafted jewelry to massive rumbling machines that fill a warehouse. You can always expect challenges with lighting, angles, obstructions and often a limited window of time to do our magic.
That is one of the reasons every day is an adventure in a busy photo studio.
Somedays you have gaggle of little kids, other days a troop of hot shot lawyers. Some weeks we are on the road photographing beautiful hotels and resorts or in the mountains getting a rustic lodge to look inviting and warm.
Throughout the year we see girls and guys from the next class of high school seniors from all the Shasta County districts. Then maybe breeder photos to advertise a new litter of cute puppies.
Having a real full-time large studio right downtown with lots of backgrounds, an outdoor private portrait park and plenty of lighting options all add up to a better experience and final image for you. All the equipment, tools and software was chosen to help you get the photography you want right here in Redding.
Our humble beginning so many years back was mostly shooting weddings every weekend from Sacramento to Portland and magazine ad commercial work for Jhirmack, KMS, Lorelie, toy catalogs, tools, houseboats and so much more.
Today we had a quick product shoot for Kathleen with MarketStreetMarketing. It’s always a good day when you have old friends and clients drop by with their new projects and challenges.
Do you have products you need images for websites, brochures and postcards? Call me at 244-2636 to see if we can help get out your brand.
Of course we also do our usual fun family, child, pet, boudoir, senior and business head shots all year around.
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