Boudoir and Lingerie Photoshoot -

Boudoir and Lingerie Photoshoot

The Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

While the earliest boudoir photography is only about 140 years old the celebration of the female form goes back centuries even beyond the historical famed drawings, sculpture and paintings of Venus and Aphrodite’s.

If you have taken any college level art classes you may have seen dozens of “reclining nudes” like the Amedeo Modigliani painting – that fetched $170.4 million recently in auction. There are also more than a few of the “Nude Descending a Staircase” themes displayed in museums around the world. These classics have been the guide and inspiration to artists around the world.

For years we have photographed local women in the studio, at their homes, expensive resorts and even on the coast above Eureka with variations of the tradition and pin up styles. These have been very popular with soon-to-be brides as a gift to husband while the bride is at her physical peak. ( A lingerie photoshoot with her wedding day garments and dress can be stunning) As a gift they are often given for Valentine’s Day, Christmas presents, birthdays and anniversaries. The Boudoir and Lingerie Photoshoot is most popular on milestone birthday for women. Those “zero years”,  30-40-50-60 have special meaning and require something extra. As one glamour client said, “I am not getting any younger. It all looks good right now so I better do it while I still can!”.

That’s why we added a new style and updated the look this year with our snow bunny outdoor boudoir experience. With all the skiers enjoying the new found snow it was the perfect time to break out of the classic old mold and do something fresh, exciting and new. (Of course we could do this whole thing in the studio with a green screen technique but you would loose the story and adventure!) These are NOT for the faint of heart. It was 30 degrees during the session which you know is two degrees below FREEZING!

Snowbunny boudoir sessions are available now for just $299 for two women (18 and above please) including an All Pinned Up Makeover and very chilly photoshoot in the snow. Of course this is a limited time offer due to weather! Call 244-2636 to lock in your time.

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