Sports Photos

Sports Photos

I get questions about photo gear all the time.  What kind of camera, lens or flash to get?  What exposure to use?  Are zooms better than primes?

At last night’s homecoming basketball game with Central Valley vs Anderson High School  I got a new question.

How do I “break in” and learn about new gear or test repaired equipment?

With any photo tool you first need to know what all the nobs, buttons, dials and most important menus control.

Fumbling with the mechanical stuff is bad for creativity and worse if you are working with people or action.

Once I am assured I know the operating functions I like shooting sports to test the limits of the gear.

How fast does it focus and zoom?

Does it recycle quick enough for a second and third shot?

What are the quirks or personality of the gear?

Most of all it comes from shooting… A LOT!

Unlike the old days where each time you pulled the trigger it cost you a buck in film and processing fees now you can experiment with only time cost.

This is the time of year I get all of our equipment back into the repair station to get ready for next years high school seniors from, Anderson, Central Valley, Enterprise, Foothill, Shasta, Trinity,  UPrep and West Valley High Schools.  When you hire a photographer make sure they have good gear in good shape and have back up equipment just in case there is an issue. Your photos are too important to trust people that do not care for the tools of the craft. Call us at 244-2636 for children, family, high school seniors, business, glamour and boudoir and commercial photos. See what a difference having a real studio and all the “big boy toys”  can make.

Favorite Photographer

Home coming game for Central Valley playing Anderson High School


Favorite Photographer

Home coming game for Central Valley playing Anderson High School


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