Large Family -

Large Family

Large family groups are something we specialize in with our big comfy studio and easy access (wheelchair ramp right up front). Working with a large group with ages from newborns to 80+ requires a unique skillset and lots of time. You want a wonderful natural expression across the entire photo and you want everyone to have a great time and experience.  Of course we can work in the studio or outdoors, but during the winter with the rain, wind, naked trees and muddy ground you limit your choices.  During the holiday month we see groups up to 50+ members and have no trouble getting them into a great photo to share for generations. We love 3-4-5 generation photoshoots and even allow pets to complete the family! We always suggest a pre portrait consultation to chat about clothing and style to make your image the best possible. Call us at 244-2636 for your next family reunion!

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Large family photoshoots for reunions, Holidays and anniversaries are treasured more than ever since it is so hard to get all the members together.


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