Christmas Photos -

Christmas Photos

Families from a simple couple to groups of 25 and more can be photographed during the Holidays in your home or at TA Schmidt Photography. While this time of year is not good for outdoor photos (naked trees, cold, windy) our large studio can easily take care of 2-3-4 and even five generations. With the gang home for the Holidays maybe now is the time to capture your group with a professional portrait. Studio sessions are still only $49 and that includes a free clothing consultation and mini groups taken of individual families and grandkids.

Remember to choose clothing that looks well together!  We suggest narrowing down the colors to no more than three main colors, accents are great for personality but you want to LOOK like a family, not a random group gathered off the street!  Darker colors hide weight best and longer sleeves take the attention away from upper arms and necklines.

Call 244-2636 for your appointment.

Yes, we are open the day before and after Christmas and we are still very pet friendly for your family pictues.

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In your home or at the studio the Holidays are ideal for gathering the family for a multi generation portrait.


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