Redding Buddy Shots -

Redding Buddy Shots

Buddy shots for senior portrait sessions often have a great story. It could be lifelong friends that have traveled through the elementary school grades and survived middle and the first 3 years of high school. We also see team mates, the offensive line that stands together each Friday night  protecting the QB and blowing up holes for the backs to exploit.  My favorite buddies are family. Bring in a favorite uncle or Grandma that was the rock during tough times growing up. Or a brother or sister that holds a special bond no outsider can ever match. Who is your best buddy that should be in a photoshoot with you?

With less than two months before yearbook deadlines for all the local schools it is time to find a photographer that will create for you the images you want.  Remember, TA Schmidt Photography is the only complete studio with 3 inside camera rooms and a private portrait park. Plus the local shoots both in the area and on the Eureka coast. All Pinned Up is perfect for the girl’s hair and face MakeOver located right next door and still only $99 for the salon experience and full photoshoot.

Guys and girl athletes love the sport composites no matter what the activity. Show you passion and skills with the dramatic multi image panels which look best printed on metal! Call 244-2636 for your personal appointment. See and LIKE most recent work at

Redding's best buddy photographer

Best Buddy shots can be family, friends or even pets!


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