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Spring clean your profile headshots

TA Schmidt Photography does headshots

Headshots for men and women taken in thes tduio for complete control of lighting and background

Redding photographer for hedshots, kids, glamour, family and high school seniors

Make a great first impression with a good headshot for your book, website, biz card or profile pix.

Spring is the perfect time to go through all your profile photos on all your websites, signatures, social media accounts and business cards.

Is your photo making the statement you want the world to remember?

Are you happy with the way you look and present yourself for a first impression?

Who needs a good headshot nowadays?

An author needing a new photo for your book jacket.

A business owner wanting a portrait for your website and business cards that portrays credibility and warmth.

A student looking for that first job needing pix for resume and applications.

Profile shots for social media like Facebook business pages and Linked-In. Dating and networking sites….

Show you care about your image with a professional portrait in the studio and not a grab selfie off the bathroom mirror or your backyard!

Call 244-2636 to make sure your first impression is a good one.


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