The Classic American PinUp with Redding Photographer -

The Classic American PinUp with Redding Photographer

Redding Photogrpaher shoots pinups in classic style

Flor over 100 years PinUp girls have been the American Male fantasy

OldOrigi 4 OldOrigi 2Since we have been doing more of the MakeOver PinUp shoots for Valentines Day with Trina Fee (All Pinned Up) I thought it would be fun to research some history on the American Iconic style.

You have to go all the way back to the late 1890’s to find the roots of the idealized mass marketed women’s images.

Photos, drawings and paintings all were used to build a new world view of visual feminine perfection.

The original Gibson Girls artwork were the first national hit and are still my favorite pinups along with the Vargas Girls.

Last night I found these great images that were the starting point for some classic WWII era posters. They all hold the same leggy, sexy allure that is so refreshingly different than today’s blatant in your face lusty statement.

As photography evolved more and more was done without the need of a talented illustrator.

Of course Playboy Magazine in December 1953 changed the industry again with the Marilyn Monroe centerfold.

Generations of men grew up with the images of models and celebrities that Hefner made into “Bunnies”.

Nowadays you can pick and choose the era you want to recreate for your own personal PinUp.

A little work finding the right clothing a props. A good hair stylist that can create the flawless makeup. A good studio photographer with lighting and posing skills.

Can all add up to a priceless image where you can relive one of the Golden Ages of Pinups.


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