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Wrestling with Redding Photographer

Action high school pictures

NorCal high school wrestling photos by Redding photographer TA Sch

WRP1280159 WRP1280147 WRP1280145 WRP1280123 WRP1280113 WRP1280049 WRP1280010 The last sports action shoot for the week!

Many MANY years ago in junior high I did wrestle for one season.

I was the long skinny kid with too much in gangly arms and legs.

I enjoyed getting in such good shape for the three intense two minute rounds.

Overall I did ok but only remember my last match.

A loss by one point in an epic match of wills.

Not much technique but muscle against muscle.

I do respect what they guys and girls do on the matt.

And enjoy photographing it for the visual lines and emotion.


tom s


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