Redding photographer shoots high school soccer -

Redding photographer shoots high school soccer

TA Schmidt shoorts Redding soccer

North state soccer is great at the Redding Soccer fields on Airport Rd

SOP1260684 SOP1260693 SOP1260695 SOP1260756 SOP1260805 SOP1260818 SOP1260831 SOP1260855Winter sports week for TA Schmidt Photography continues.

I do understand that soccer is the world’s most popular sport.

I just do not understand why…

For 90 minutes the teams run around this huge field for a score or two.

Unlike basketball, football or even baseball where scoring can come fast and furious.

It’s the American way to put points on the board!

So, when I am finally crowned King of the world I will make a few tweaks to the game.

First and foremost I will reduce the size of the field by a full third. (sort of like arena football)  Less running around… more shots on goal.

We also need more corner kicks and penalty shots.

I also have some ideas for baseball that should liven up the outfield……


tom s


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