Another first at Redding's #1 Photo Studio -

Another first at Redding’s #1 Photo Studio

Family session surprise

The moment it was announced that family member Jessica was pregnant with first child.

I love doing family portraits during the Holidays.

Everyone is happy with family members gathered together.

High school seniors I did 10-20-30 years ago return with their new brood.

Proud parents adore their military outfitted children showing off the uniforms and many decorations.

Stories are told and memories are rehashed.

But yesterday….

It was a first for me with over 40 years of photographing families.

During the session… right in the middle of the photoshoot I was handed a note.

I,ME the photographer, was to announce that Jessica was pregnant… and then capture the resulting reactions of the family.

It was great…. took a little while to sink in but tears and hugs followed for a truly special session.

Congratulations to the couple and the extended family.

One I will never forget and one that will be remembered with a portrait from TA Schmidt Photography!


tom s


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